The Weekly Buzz – 17/06/2019

Mysterious Slovenian producer Gisaza steps up this week with a self released EP, his first solo effort for a while following a solid collab with FLO earlier this year. ‘Sura‘ EP features four of Gisaza‘s finest cuts, expressive and energetic, showcasing the growth of his sound. One that is deep and weighty with plenty of atmospheric soundscapes sonically painted throughout.

From the outset, Gisaza explores eastern sounds within his vibrant melodies; a plethora of interesting synths and snake charming strings take centre stage setting mystical vibes throughout. Take the opening track ‘Novoa‘ for instance, welcomed by brooding strings, deep long stretching hums and mystical vocals growing and filtering in. The hypnotic vocals stay for the majority of the track, supported by similarly ethnic sounding leads rapidly plucked over serious low end movement. A characteristic that’s successfully expressed throughout the release. The following track ‘Overturned‘ for example initially focuses on its deep energetic bass line, one made for the steppers. It’s fairly minimal at first with occasional reverberating swells and pads until the wubs progress and colourful melodies are worked in for that extra mystical Gisaza flavour. ‘Seer‘ effortlessly flows through with more of a contemporary sound in it’s structure and rhythm. It’s a solid track but it’s the final cut ‘Sura‘ where Gisaza really shows what he can create. The most memorable track on the EP features intense low end pressure that becomes rather meditative, matched with hypnotic looping chimes and eerie vocal cuts. It offers some of the most unique vibes to the record and certainly leaves me wanting to hear more of this side to Gisaza.

With ‘Sura‘ EP, Gisaza proves his worth as one of the more underrated talents in the genre. As a record that has all the characteristics of one that could have fit into many labels’ catalogues, hopefully the EP will open the doors to further opportunities where the Slovenian can spread his surreal sounds further and work his way into catalogues of suitably high quality imprints.

‘Sura‘ EP is out this Friday (21st June) and available from Gisaza’s Bandcamp.

Check out Gisaza on Soundcloud.