The Weekly Buzz – 17/08/2020

From blog to record label, DUPLOC has become the most recognisable platform for cutting-edge Dubstep over the years and the go-to imprint for the latest, highest quality music the genre has to offer. Amongst the regular digital releases, it’s their compilation projects that have garnered some notoriety, particularly the stacked ‘DUPLOC Selects‘ series. This week, the Belgian label unleashes a curation of their favourite tracks taken from all four instalments of ‘DUPLOC Selects‘ series, including the two forthcoming chapters. With two of the best tracks from each chapter and a couple of red hot VIPs as a bonus, we’re looking at a collection of some of the best material in Dubstep today!

Representing the first chapter from 2018, Juss B begins proceedings with the instantly recognisable ‘Sandman‘, reminding us of his consistently smooth bass-lines and the unmistakable mystical vocal loops that continue to shine like the midday Sahara sun. Also drawn from the first chapter and a favourite of mine that’s stayed in rotation since it’s original release, Feonix and A:Grade‘s powerful collaboration ‘Prumeer‘ is rightly given further attention.
As an imprint, I’m sure DUPLOC has introduced many new fans to the wonderful works of Surreal, not only for his duo of solo bangers for DUPLOC036, but for his collaboration with the mighty Somah. Once again we’re reminded of the gargantuan, addictive flow of ‘Gibberish‘ before heading into Ourman‘s ‘Harpy‘. Since his original appearance on ‘DUPLOC Selects‘, the french producer has put out some wicked stuff so it’s certainly nice to be reminded of some of his ‘older’ bits, still sounding as fresh as ever.

Moving into the second half of the compilation, we can now enjoy some of the best tracks from the forthcoming instalments! Mungk continues his remarkable run of flawless material with the stunning signature melodies and all consuming bass-weight of ‘Sand‘, followed by upcoming Dutch producer Sam Cosmic, providing the dance floor grooves of ‘Tale Of Now‘, including some super smooth and wavy bass-line goodness amidst the sparkling sound palette.
Returning to the series after an appearance on last year’s instalment with ‘Seek War‘, Ghostek brings yet more militant darkness through ‘Smoke‘, the relentless, all destroying Godzilla of the album, leaving a trail of typical Ghostek carnage in it’s wake. And to conclude the physical record in style, Russian duo Oddkut & Hotcut provide one of my favourites from the record and of the year, ‘Mangal Sound‘. An 808 laced banger with some of the craziest, most creative vocal loop since Dalek One & Shu‘s 2017 insta classic ‘Mumble Dub‘ (DDD026), this one will stay in rotation for a while!

But we’re not done there! Open up your digital copy and you’ll find yourself with a couple of added extras. Serving up a couple of revitalising reworks, Surreal & Somah‘s VIP of ‘Gibberish‘ and Ourman‘s VIP of ‘Harpy‘ both exudes power and energy, particularly the ‘Gibberish‘ VIP with it’s infectious throbbing low end, rattling the neighbours crockery like a passing train.

From the birth of the ‘DUPLOC Selects’ series, it’s been nothing short of 100% fire. As forward thinking as ever, this unique ‘Best Of‘ release from DUPLOC serves as a great reminder for those who may have missed or forgotten about some of the finest cuts, however unlikely that may and should be! But equally important, the record adds more than enough insight into the much anticipated, unmissable final chapters due in the coming months.

‘DUPLOC Selects’ is out now and available on vinyl and to download from the DUPLOC Bandcamp.

Check out DUPLOC on Soundcloud and Twitter.