Dub Buzz – 17/09/2018

Okay so I’m either unaware of any releases this week or quite frankly not 100% feeling the few I have come across. So since my Soundcloud feed has been blessed over the last seven days, for this weeks instalment of The Weekly Buzz I’m going to go through some unreleased bangers that need to be snapped up and released immediately. So hit the play buttons, have a little read and enjoy!



Feonix – In Between Stations

With multiple releases this year both as a solo producer and with dubstep/DnB collective LSN, Feonix just doesn’t seem to take his foot off the throttle. His recent showing here ‘In Between Stations‘ caught my attention immediately. Even though the track still has that huge gritty Feonix sound, something seems different here, the patterns, the structure. It basically sounds incredibly fresh and even with the complete sound that Feonix has crafted over the years, it’s so good to still hear the sound being pushed and experimented with.

Check out Feonix on Soundcloud and Twitter.


Teffa & Khonsu – Take Us Back

It’s always great to hear brand new, never done before collaborations such as this one here between Teffa and Khonsu, two producers who have both had a decent year so far with regular high quality material put out into the sphere. Their skills collide on this dub ‘Take Us Back‘, a seriously deep cut with nice detail coming in throughout the track particularly towards the end as a nice little synth comes in and even outros with a break beat. Original!

Check out Teffa on Soundcloud.
Check out Khonsu on Soundcloud and Twitter.


Juss B – Bussin

Long time favourite of mine Juss B is long over due a release, trust me. Probably one of the most distinct sounding producers about, the American hasn’t put out a full release since his full length album on Uprise Audio last year with only a free download or two put out in 2018. So with this upload of ‘Bussin‘, I’m taking it as a sign that Juss B has been busy in the lab and a release is imminent. ‘Bussin’ is as big as anything else Juss B has released in the past and as always, it’s smooth like butter.

Check out Juss B on Soundcloud and Twitter.


Sweepa & Tosti – Kopstoot

Another fresh collaboration here with two talented Dutch producers that are rising up the ranks, going by the names of  Sweepa and Tosti. ‘Kopstoot’ offers pure weight with some serious intricate work done in the low end. The sporadic flute-like lead and the vocal samples make for an icy atmosphere. With plenty of support in just a week of it being uploaded, this is begging for a signing.

Check out Sweepa on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Tosti on Soundcloud.


Zygos – Drained

Zygos has had a smashing 2018 so far. The in demand producer has landed two wicked EP’s on respectable labels Cue Line Records (CLV003) and a return to Rarefied (Rare9). Furthermore he’s put out a six track EP himself, made collabs with the likes of Soukah, featured on Circle Vision’s compilation EP (CV009) and fitted in a couple of remixes of Glume’s ‘Thug’ and Soukah’s ‘Windowlicka’. So already that’s quite the cv. However there seems to be no slowing down especially with uploads like this. ‘Drained’ is yet another dark, trippy, meditative track by the Belgian mastermind.

Check out Zygos on Soundcloud and Twitter.


1137 – Undefeated

The best thing about creating this blog has been finding many incredible new producers where I otherwise wouldn’t have, as I wouldn’t be looking deeper than I am now. The latest name to enter that list is 1137. I’ve landed on a couple of his tracks now and his sound definitely has something special going on. This latest upload ‘Underfeated’ is a fine example. Need I mention this guy is yet another talent producing out of Denver? What do they put in the water over there?!

Check out 1137 on Soundcloud and Twitter.


Darkraqqen & KPENG – Domenstic Invasion (Malleus Remix)

So this was uploaded more than a couple of weeks ago, but only crossed my path a couple of days ago. Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing the original but with Honey & Bass favourite Darkraqqen involved, you know its big. So who better to up the anti even further than Malleus? An absolute sicko on the buttons, his productions have recently become wilder and wilder, especially if you came across his recent sound clash clips on Soundcloud (unfortunately with the nature of a sound clash, have subsequently been taken down). This remix however expresses more of the same nightmare inducing sounds almost to a cinematic scale. Absolute destroyer.

Check out Darkraqqen on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out KPENG on Soundcloud.
Check out Malleus on Soundcloud.


Alienmade – No Fks Given VIP

Alienmade is another brand new name that’s popped up on my radar over the last couple of weeks. The Romanian pulls no punches when making his beats, they’re deep and dark as this track perfectly demonstrates. As the title suggests, ‘No Fks Given‘ conveys just that. Minimal in structure but definitely packs a punch with deep pulsating subs and a hard hitting snare. No messing about here, it’s simple, clean and crisp. Looking forward to hearing more weighty beats from Alienmade!

Check out Alienmade on Soundcloud.



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