The Weekly Buzz – 17/12/2018

As I’m taking the last two weeks of the year off from The Weekly Buzz, I thought it would only be right to finish 2018 off the way it started, with a Deep Medi release. The pioneering label completes it’s landmark year and what better way to do so than with the bad man that is Commodo. A producer who over recent years has crafted such a unique style, he’s found himself as one of the genres most in demand figures and has rightly become a regular on Deep Medi since debuting on the label way back in 2011. Medi-104 is Commodo‘s second major release this year following that superb EP ‘Dyrge‘ on Black Acre (ACRE074).

For his latest appearance on Deep Medi, Commodo presents two tracks, one being the long awaited ‘Rikers‘ which to my mind has been held back for far too long, having been announced back in January after it had already been in heavy rotation for a select few Djs for nearly a year. It has literally been a long time coming. ‘Rikers‘ is accompanied by another in demand track, ‘Daytona‘. With the A-side being a classic Commodo track containing infusions of hip hop and jazz (yet still in keeping with the true dubstep sound at its roots), think of ‘Daytona‘ as it’s ‘vibier’ cousin. A lot calmer and low key, this track happens to be just as jazzy and just as engaging as its more popular relative.

MEDI-104 is out now and available digitally and on vinyl from the Deep Medi store.

Check out Commodo on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Deep Medi on Soundcloud and Twitter