The Weekly Buzz – 18/05/2020

It would be quite the understatement to suggest that DUPLOC’s ‘DUPLATES’ vinyl series has been nothing short of a success. Over the course of two short years, the label has welcomed the likes of Hebbe, Ternion Sound, Rygby and Enigma Dubz to the series with some ‘must have’ original material. And now, to conclude the project, Canadian heavyweight ColtCuts returns to DUPLOC following his debut on the label last year (DUPLOC026). For this must cop vinyl, ColtCuts looks back to DUPLOC026 and brings both ‘The Vihaan‘ and ‘The Phantom‘ back, proceeding to turn the energy levels up to eleven. But that’s not before two killer originals make their mark on the A-side.

The A-Side opener immediately plunges into heart stopping situations with the 808 heavy ‘You Said‘, coming through with that neck-breaking swagger ColtCuts has become known for. The eerie vocal loops and chimes take lead until the brain melting 8bit section shoulder barges its way into the mix, encouraging a screw face or two. The following ‘My Dear’ reveals similar tones to its predecessor, featuring more eerie elements and a cold yet vibrant melody, all driven and perfectly mixed down by yet another powerful head-banging design.
On the flip we have the two perfectly executed VIPs. If there is one thing ColtCuts has focused on with these, it’s energy. Both tracks feel extra thicc and extra lively in their own right. The flutes of ‘The Vihaan‘ in particular, seem to hit extra hard over the chopped and intensified percs. Really powerful and ominous 140 material that’s rightly been rinsed across the globe.

The experience of DUPLOC has certainly shone through over the course of these five releases, having chosen some of the best material from each respected artist. However this certainly rings true with this final instalment, where the label has not only selected two of ColtCut‘s ever improving original productions but two of the mightiest of VIPs; a masterclass in reworks.

DUPLOCv005 is out now and available on vinyl and digital from the DUPLOC Bandcamp.

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