The Weekly Buzz 19/03/2018

Bringing something a little different to the table this week. ‘Division Partial’ is a compilation album series started by Noisa‘s mulit-genre label Division and this week heads into it’s fourth edition. I’m only going by what I’ve heard on Soundcloud here but like it’s previous instalments, ‘Division Partial 4’ again seems to deliver on variety and opening up closed minds like mine to the vast, constantly evolving sounds of electronic bass music. Of course it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that it was Samba‘s ‘Tsss‘ featuring on the album, that turned my attention to this release. A long time dub from one of my favourite producers right now, ‘Tsss’ is a typically 808 heavy beat with a twisted unmistakeable sound palette. But the quality of the record doesn’t stop there, with collabs between Signs and SolitasĀ and a bonkers tune from Razat, there’s plenty to check out.

‘Division Partial 4’ is out this Friday (23rd March) and will be available here.

Check out Division on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Samba on Soundcloud.