The Weekly Buzz – 20/07/2020

Here’s something I think is worth reminding occasionally – if you happen to be immersed in the ever growing world of 140 and bass music in general, it’s wise not to dismiss the box-fresh labels that regularly emerge. I say this from experience. With so many established active labels out there, it can be easy to get comfortable and end up focusing on those exclusively. Not only is it important to support the little guys in general, especially during these times, but in doing so you’re guaranteed to find a plethora of hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered! Such is the case today with Bristol’s Foto Sound. The growing imprint, headed by talented producer Khanum, showcases three system worthy cuts from newcomer DBL Negative for his debut EP, ‘Come Correct’.

Like many great inaugural records, the Bristolian finds success in demonstrating his range across a trio of fresh cuts, all dripping in that juicy, ear tickling sub bass. Opening with the title track ‘Come Correct’, DBL Negative eases in by taking a fairly laid back approach, just dipping the toes into the imminent depth. Bright, airy synths and chilled chords negates the big strung out 808s that bring a touch of darkness. A perfect preface to the super fresh DBL sound. It doesn’t take long for him to take the sub-zero plunge with the stomping ‘Culture Dub‘, drawing influence from classic dub-wise sounds that remain enveloped in chest busting low frequencies. Between the big delays on the vocal cuts and percussion plus the tough low end, DBL slaps his own spin on the classic sound with a sprinkling of unique synth licks. Similarly, ‘Sound Off‘ sees DBL express that infectious charm for a final time, staying with subtle yet eccentric notes and short non-evasive flutes. But it’s the head nodding, gun finger slinging flow on this that makes it the stand out track and a reminder that DBL Negative has landed, and he means business.

The never ending flow of bass music that pours out of Bristol continues and doesn’t show any signs of stopping, especially with imprints such as Foto Sound continuing to emerge and prioritising it’s support for the city’s best undiscovered, underrated talent. Where we’ve heard plenty more from Unkey since his Foto release, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear and feel more of DBL Negative’s foundation shaking frequencies very soon.

FOTO003 is out this Friday (24th July) and available to download from the Foto Sounds Bandcamp.

Check out DBL Negative on Soundcloud.
Check out Foto Sound on Soundcloud and Twitter.