The Weekly Buzz – 20/08/2018

Following up from the third instalment on their sister label last month (RAREBLK3), highly innovative imprint Rarefied returns to usual proceedings this week with Zygos, his second release on the label. The Belgian audio scientist has kept himself busy in the lab recently with high quality releases on Cue Line Records and Overdue, rightly becoming one of the genres most forward thinking producers. Following releases from Mob Killa, Soukah and Primer on the label this year, the experimental producer had a lot to live up to. But of course with Zygos‘ clear talent and Rarefied‘s keen ears, both the label and producer have pulled it off once again, coming through with another stunning EP.

Starting with ‘SFG’, Zygos heads down a trap infused route, thudding 808’s and crispy triplet hats is the tracks staple, but it’s the brooding viola melody that really adds to the heat, eventually matched by an obscure but effective hollering sample as the pattern becomes more frenzied and intricate. Zygos heads into deeper depths on ‘Forward‘, a track that should please the stricter dubstep heads compared to the previous. For the most part it’s a hypnotising beat, coupled with strong pulsating rhythmic sub bass that sits firmly under dread filled, high pitched synth leads. High in pitch, high in tension.

The EP finishes with a collaboration featuring label regular Soukah, contributing his twisted mind on the dark and aptly named ‘Late Night Escort’. If you’re ‘in the know’ so to speak and see the names Zygos and Soukah together, you know you’re in for something dark and eerie. ‘Late Night Escort‘ delivers just that, becoming the most atmospheric and emotive track on the EP.

At this point, among a couple of other labels, Rarefied is easily a percy for me. After four superb releases added to the catalogue so far this year and  still being unable to pick out a favourite, you know high praise is deserved. As for Zygos, Rare9 is definitely my favourite release of his so far. As someone who caught onto his productions fairly early, it’s been a pleasure listening to his sound grow.

Rare9 is out this Friday (24th August) and available digitally from the Rarefied Bandcamp or on vinyl here.

Check out Zygos on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Rarefied Records on Soundcloud.