The Weekly Buzz – 22/07/2019

It’s a feeling I experience every so often, a ‘woah, where the fuck did that come from!?’ type of feeling. Well I don’t know what Kryo was on when he put this together but his latest EP ‘Bottles‘ certainly evokes such an emotion. Not only is it Kryo‘s finest collection of beats thus far, it finds a home on the prolific White Peach Records who can seemingly do no wrong recently.
WPR042 features four ludicrous productions from Subtle FM‘s co-boss man, filled with layer after layer of badassery.

From the opening title track and through out, Kryo explores a sound that’s found itself embedded with the 140 scene for a while now but takes it to another level through fierce atmospheres, heaps of texture and crisp, clean sampling. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind being compared to the masterful GRAMZ with this EP, featuring similar larger than life 808’s, killer vocal cuts and an effortless mixture of both smooth and abrasive textures. Take ‘Bottles‘ for instance where the track initially brings in a false sense of security with a mellow, laid back intro; a spacious beat with ominous 808 booms and eastern inspired plucks leading up and into that killer drop, breaking into face melting distortions and rampant looping vocals that commands the track onwards. It’s a similar tale on ‘Yar’ however a little more stripped back with room to breathe. The kicks are nose bleed inducing, some of the most punishing on the record and again, the ingenious looping vocal sample works perfectly with the minimal nature of the track. ‘Raid’ boasts some of the largest vibes on the record with superb pinpoint percussion including a fine selection of snares with one that if it were to slap any harder, your brain would become scrambled egg. And that’s without considering the thumping 808’s that Kryo seems to have dialled on this release. I don’t think I’d be out of line to say that this beat matched with the stunning swelling chords that linger throughout would suit some ‘All Day‘ era Kanye over it. If only he still cared about making decent music. ‘Coop‘ sees off the record with glistening chimes juxtaposing the distorted lows, concluding what may well be one of my favourite EPs of 2019.

WPR042 is out now and available on vinyl and digitally from the White Peach Bandcamp.

Check out Kryo on Soundcloud.
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