The Weekly Buzz – 22/10/2018

It has been mentioned on this blog various times over the last year or so but barring a couple of usual suspects, Rarefied has solidified itself firmly as one of my absolute favourite imprints thanks to a plethora of rough yet perfect experimental bass music that has been put out over the course of the last two years. The roster that has been carefully curated by the Rarefied crew is for me one of the most interesting within the genre. Unknown and underrated producers such as Primer, Soukah and Mob Killa have found their feet thanks to their contributions on the label and the same goes for the two talents featuring on this latest release, Sibla and Zygos.

It’s not the first time the pair have featured on the label having each produced some seriously high quality bits (Sibla with RARE5 and Zygos with RARE2 & RARE9). However the pair collaborate for the first time to bring RARE10, hosting three gloomy atmospheric tracks that, like much of Rarefied’s catalogue, are pieces of sonic artistry. The leading track ‘The Path‘ sets the scene with an intense hypnotising bass line that pulsates before upping the ferocity carried by industrial-like percussion that makes for a vividly eerie soundscape. ‘Haunted’ moves on in similar fashion as the name suggests however it is the concluding track ‘Sigil’ that I’ve really been waiting for. Having first heard this banger on the labels show reel mix earlier this year, I’ve been sitting tight ever since. Instantly recognisable from the various chilling whispers throughout and intermittent hits of strings and weird chime like sounds, this could fit into any horror flick’s soundtrack.

Also, don’t miss the digital exclusive track ‘Coven’, another dread filled stomper.

RARE10 is out this Friday (26th October) and is available on vinyl here and digitally from the Rarefied Bandcamp.

Check out Sibla on Soundcloud.
Check out Zygos on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Rarefied on Soundcloud.