The Weekly Buzz – 26/08/2019

Continuing its hectic release schedule, White Peach Records welcomes Koma onto the label with ‘Arrival‘ EP. Koma is yet another talent to emerge out of the melting pot that is the Bristol bass music scene over the last couple of years, featuring on Encrypted Audio, Instigate Recordings and CNCPT Collective. So, already boasting a strong releases with the addition of some genius bootlegs, he grabs the bull by the horns for his White Peach debut, submitting four lively tunes of the highest quality including a collaboration by fellow Bristol talent and certainly no stranger to the blog, Rygby.

Koma immediately sets the pace with the title track ‘Arrival‘ and takes influence from its namesake, one of my favourite films of this decade. An ice cold, breathy synth sits at the centre of this free flowing track from the outset with a clear nod to trappy areas of production, but it’s not over done. Honestly, ‘Arrival‘ is such a personal favourite of mine it was always going to be tricky to follow. But Koma doesn’t disappoint, composing an EP that’s worth grabbing in its entirety. The second track ‘Barcode‘ is one that will keep the purists happy with classic Dubstep features; classic rhythm with a minimal feel. No unnecessary elements or dead weight, just pure weight paired with some slick synth work that we’ve come to expect from the producer. Opening the B-side, ‘Missing Amsterdam‘ does a great job of demonstrating exactly what Koma is about. A perfect balance between the rough and the smooth, ‘Missing Amsterdam‘ contains all the elements from the A-side that blends into a Frankenstein’s monster of a track. Wild sampling, intense flow, detailed percussion and of course proper weighty kicks, this is absolutely the tune you need for an energy injection.
Perfectly placed to close the record, ‘Tasteful’ sees Koma team up with fellow Chonk Mob member Rygby who himself has been a busy bee following a solid release on Encrypted Audio earlier this month. Rygby‘s signature uplifting melodies are evident throughout this one, offsetting Koma‘s more sombre style to finish on a brighter note.

As mentioned previously, after hearing ‘Arrival‘ some time ago, when I saw it as a lead track on this EP I thought the accompanying tracks might struggle to keep up however, clearly I was wrong. Koma shows depth throughout the playtime with no lack of creativity, no dull moments and absolutely no fillers.

WPR043 is out now and available digitally from the White Peach Bandcamp or on vinyl from their store.

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