The Weekly Buzz – 27/01/2020

It’s widely considered now that West Coast beat crafting mastermind Saule has developed into one of USA’s finest 140 creators over the last couple of years, successfully producing a series of records all of which are rightly considered a must cop. With releases on Infernal Sounds, Subaltern Records and Artikal Music to name a few, Saule lands on emerging vinyl focused label Hotplates Recordings this week with two highly sought after dubs finally getting the release they deserve. Looking at Hotplates’ fledgling catalogue so far, you don’t need me to tell you that this is a label to be taken seriously with names like Chad Dubz and Sepia welcomed onto the imprint already.

HOTPLATES005 presents two of Saule‘s most recognisable creations onto wax. The A-side sees the eccentric sounds of ‘Ghettotech‘ finally droppng into avid listeners’ collections. Instantly recognisable from the dizzying bass-line and uncanny lead sample, this one is made for the dark rooms, with clear influence taken from golden age dubstep, circa 2006. ‘Trouble Pending‘ features on the flip-side and what is probably my pick of the two. Similarly minimal and ghostly, this one carries a little more energy through the distinct melodic beeps and squeaks, alongside super clean foley percs. The groove on this one can definitely get the heads swinging!

Looking back at Saule‘s release ‘Zeroes‘ EP on Artikal Music last year you’d be wise to never expect anything less than greatness from the San Franciscan. However you’d also be forgiven for wondering if ARTKL044 could be matched so soon. Nevertheless, with these two bangers sitting snuggly in the bag for some time, it was never in doubt. It appears the guys at Hotplates know what they’re doing, snapping both highly anticipated tracks up and creating yet another Saule must cop.

HOTPLATES005 is out this Friday (31st January) and available on vinyl here.

Check out Saule on Soundcloud.
Check out Hotplates Recordings on Soundcloud and Twitter.