The Weekly Buzz – 27/04/2020

After an exemplary maiden release last year with Fearless Dread‘s ‘N4’ and ‘Double Red‘, popular blog turned club night turned label Juan Forte return for a second future-classic instalment. This time they present the authentic sounds of mysterious UK producer Truant. Although the unidentified producer has fed a few dubs into the dubstep psyche for a couple of years now, enjoying support from the likes of V.I.V.E.K and Riz La Teef, JUAN002 serves as Truant‘s debut release.

Yet another beautifully presented record courtesy of Juan Forte, Truant unleashes two raw long held dubs that display his classic taste in dubstep. If ever there were a track to send you right back to a certain DMZ club night circa 2005, ‘Clifton’ is it. The rough wobbling low end, the piercing melancholic melody and the dark moodiness that surrounds it, I’m sure both Truant and the Juan Forte gang wouldn’t mind me saying if Cluekid was to come out and say he made this tune, I wouldn’t even blink. It’s that good. On the flip, ‘Bushkin‘ offers similar old-school, nostalgic vibes. Only this one is a proper screw face roller, featuring a meaty bassline with a stunning switch at it’s centre point. Serious skanking business.

So two releases deep now and it looks like Juan Forte are happy to carry the torch for pure authentic dubstep. Although there are a handful of imprints that are successful at this, Juan Forte has really presented material that cannot be separated from the ‘golden era’, while the music still sounds so fresh and original. As mentioned earlier, it’s almost as if Cluekid or any of the DMZ gang created it fifteen years ago, and that is by no means a bad thing. Quite the opposite. But make no mistake, these are two Truant belters and I can’t wait to hear more from the mystery man.

JUAN002 is out Wednesday (29th April) and available from the Juan Forte store.

Check out Truant on Soundcloud.
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