The Weekly Buzz – 28/01/2019

As you’re already aware, Minneapolis trio Ternion Sound absolutely blew up last year with releases on multiple high profile labels that happened to be some of my favourites of 2018. But what really kicked off their year of success was a release on pioneering blog and now respected label DUPLOC. Both label and producers begin 2019 in the same fashion, however this time Ternion Sound features on DUPLOC‘s second release on their vinyl series ‘DUPPLATES’. Not only do they bring two long time dubs to the plate but also the two bangers that kicked it all off for them last year, reworked into face melting VIP form.

On the A-side, we’ve got two brilliant original bangers. ‘Forest Temple‘ opens with impeccable percussion and bassline pressure as expected from the Ternion Sound boys. But it’s the whacky sampling that evolves throughout the track that makes it so easy to listen to over and over. I’ve found myself noticing knew details upon each play. If there was a tune that showcased Ternion‘s sound to perfection, it would be the following track ‘Up Up‘. Amazing sound design and a classic bass line wobbles in and out of a spaced out minimal pattern that somewhat reminds me of previous tunes of theirs such as ‘Parasite‘ and ‘Top Tier‘. I find these tunes have a really distinguished sound that has that perfect blend of old school Dubstep (think Skream, Benga, DMZ) with the contemporary sounds that we hear today.

As great as it is to hear brand new heavyweight material from Ternion Sound, for me, the B-side is unbeatable. Both ‘Verify Me‘ and ‘Yellow & Grey‘ for me are already ‘anthems’ if you will but no, that wasn’t enough for the Ternion boys as they have transformed both tracks into absolute face melters. ‘Verify Me VIP‘ in particular goes hard, which I’ve had on repeat since I got my hands on it. The added fluctuating lows and the increased intensity of the already harsh mids has taken the track to a whole other level. Similarly with the ‘Yellow & Grey VIP‘, the lads have moulded it into a different beast by adding extra layers to the minimal yet memorable bassline and an extra sunny melody that briefly appears on occasion lightens up the entire mood of the track.

I think it’s safe to say Ternion Sound are here to stay and will be Honey & Bass regulars for some time, as long as they keep smashing out such high quality productions with this massive, super creative bass line driven sound that they’ve crafted over the last twelve months. As for DUPLOC, with Hebbe already in the catalogue and now Ternion Sound, it’s safe to say their vinyl label will always be a must cop business.

DUPLOCv002 is out now and available on vinyl and digital from the DUPLOC Bandcamp.

Check out Ternion Sound on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out DUPLOC on Soundcloud and Twitter.