The Weekly Buzz – 29/10/2018

Having had some solid cuts released on multiple splits this year for labels such as Zam Zam and Unity Through Sound, this week sound system destroyer Headland finally delivers another solo record on another high profile imprint. This time it’s SYSTEM that has the pleasure of putting out two cutting edge tracks by the New Zealand heavyweight, highly anticipated as a SYSTEM record always is.

Young Blood‘ offers a different side to Headland‘s usual productions. Whilst previous material has been sub heavy sound system stompers, this track shows he can strike up very powerful catchy melodies. Having this killer lead matched with finely tuned high hat triplets and a short snappy snare, the New Zealander somewhat explores sounds from outside of the dubby/dubstep spectrum and into a multi genre universe, similar to many who have infused an icy trap-esque sound into their productions over the last couple of years. On the flip, Headland goes back to basics and back to his roots with ‘Witness’, a percussion lead track with a serious foundation shaking low end that Headland always manages to nail. It’s perfectly minimal and incredibly effective.

SYSTEM024 is available on Friday (2nd November) on limited vinyl from the SYSTEM store.

Check out Headland on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out SYSTEM on Soundcloud.