The Weekly Buzz – 30/03/2020

As the name suggests, amongst pushing fresher sounds to dedicated listeners, the old school roots and foundation sound sits firmly at the heart of Chad Dubz‘ prolific label Foundation Audio. With that in mind, FA welcome’s Minneapolis bad man Mikrodot this week with four full-fat authentic cuts in the form of ‘Big Sound‘ EP.

From the first few echoing brass notes of the ominously named title track ‘Big Sound’, leading to an extra large portion of stinking bass-weight pressure, Mikrodot makes sure any new listeners will know what he’s all about from the onset. The American clearly aims to keep the og UK sounds alive and at the centre of his productions with constant servings of thick low end wubs and wobbles throughout. Following the attitude ridden and the effective minimalism of ‘Conquering Lion‘, the most energetic track of the four ‘Jamaica‘ rapidly wobbles through amidst some superb percussive work, both subtle and bold, the latter coming from a huge sweeping snare. Mikrodot finishes this vibe filled, nostalgia packed record with the most throwback of them all, the powerful wubs and pensive reverberating synths of ‘Monolith‘.

A few other names do spring to mind when it comes to US producers paying homage to the original UK dubstep sound but with this EP, Mikrodot shows his potential to be one of the best of the US and shows why putting out such authentic material is still so necessary and so desired on both sides of the Atlantic.

FAV043 is out now and available to download from the Foundation Audio Bandcamp.

Check out Mikrodot on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Foundation Audio on Soundcloud.