The Weekly Buzz – 01/05/2018

There’s nothing more refreshing than coming across an album brimming with talented producers that in some cases, put forward some of their best work to date. The new compilation album from Bristol based crew CNCPT Collective is just that. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to, hosting some of the freshest sounds coming out of the UK right now across fifteen tracks. Highlights for me include ‘Mango Skank‘ by Chokez which if you’ve a keen ear, you’ll notice this skanker has been regularly spun by a few select DJ’s over the last few months and rightly so. Koma‘s ‘Eastwood‘ in particular is a favourite of mine, a brooding track that steadily grows into an aggressive 808 laden face melter upon the late introduction of the volatile vocal cuts. A real attention grabber. However there’s so much variety on here it’s tough to compare and single out. Other names on the album include Sepia, Rygby and Glume, and upcoming talent like Cartridge and Beanzo.  Each producer brings out their individuality with some completely hitting the mark on the kind of sound I’m digging right now, making it one of my favourite compilation releases for some time.

CNCPT Collective compilation album is out now and available to download from the CNCPT Collective Bandcamp.

Check out CNCPT Collective on Soundcloud.