The Weeky Buzz – 03/06/2019

Over the last couple of years, Sub:Clef Records founder Chris James aka Cid Poitier has single handedly crafted a sound that defines his label and his direction as a producer. Following three releases from the Londoner, creating soul filled atmospheric bass music, he brings the fourth edition of Sub:Clef Records with ‘Earth Cry‘ EP. An aptly named release that not only encapsulates Poitier‘s approach and tone of the record, but also works hand in hand with the EP’s release date, June 5th, World Environment Day.

Setting the tone through ‘Arrival‘, Poitier reaches for elements of techno and progressive drones to fill out an expansive cinematic soundscape over long stretches of deep low end vibrations. It’s a thoroughly effective intro track that confidently leads into the vast expanse of Cid Poitier‘s latest creation. The EP’s title track ‘Earth Cry‘ develops into the drama of the release through moments of orchestral sections involving string harmonies that sit over recognisable dubstep flavours; sharp percussion and high activity in the low end. I cannot stress enough how much of a stand out track ‘Amygdala‘ is for me. It’s unique, emotional, deep and thanks to the sheer spaciousness established by the minimal tribal drums, persistent breathy vocals and striking cello lead, the atmosphere feels boundless, like you’ve been thrown into the EP’s world that’s laid out on the record’s cover. For me, it’s the most memorable track out of the four and one that’ll have a long life in my rotation!
Finally the record comes to it’s climax ‘Empathy 101‘. Poitier constructs a skippy, rugged grime-esque beat which at first implies its intentions to act as a spacey grimey cut, more energetic than its predecessors. But with eventual injections of sharp, expressive strings, the track sees off the EP in a more melancholic state that has been a clear goal of Poiter’s, considering the release’s emotive connotations.

As a clear nod to the growing importance of the climate crisis and he well being of our environment, all profits of ‘Earth Cry‘ EP will go directly to the World Environment Day charity. So on top of the EP’s quality content, that’s double the reason to go and cop!

SUBCLEF004 is out Wednesday (5th June) and available digitally or on vinyl from the Sub:Clef Records Bandcamp.

Check out Cid Poitier on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Sub:Clef Records on Soundcloud and Twitter.