Tik & Borrow – Eris (SNDSYSTM008) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Leeds based dubstep duo Tik & Borrow continue to spread their gargantuan sounds wherever they see fit with a drama filled two tracker on SND SYSTM CLTR! Alongside the leading ‘Kobol‘, I have the pleasure of presenting it’s sister track today, the mystical ‘Eris‘.

Across both ‘Kobol‘ and ‘Eris‘, Tik & Borrow search for a sound that’s all consuming, larger than life and mountainous. Bridging the gap between dubstep and a sound that could be categorised as future-garage, the basslines remain fluid and wavy, illuminated by a multitude of uplifting elements from the rousing guitar-like tones of ‘Kobol‘, to the enchanting vocal trails of the calmer ‘Eris‘. Alongside the mystical vocals, Tik & Borrow curate a global soundscape, one that paints out the vastness of the jungle, the scale of the mountains and the open space of giant undiscovered tombs. A short cinematic soundtrack, one that could suit both the wild settings of Tomb Raider or the epic visuals of Interstellar.

SNDSYSTM008 plays host to a duo of tracks that work seamlessly together, a cinematic sound that Tik & Borrow have earnestly developed and, to my knowledge, reveal for the first time.

SNDSYSTM008 is out 07/05/2021 and available to download from the SND SYSTM CLTR Bandcamp.

Check out Tik & Borrow on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out SND SYSTM CLTR on Soundcloud and Instagram.