Truth – Show Dem (Cartridge Remix) (DDDXMAS20) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Amidst a year seemingly dominated by bad news, the pioneering Deep Dark & Dangerous have made it their mission to guide us through the turbulence, showing what can be done to avert our attention, for just a moment, away from the gloom that can so easily infest ones mind. From a schedule of cutting-edge releases more consistent than ever, to the trail blazing ‘Quarantine Sessions’ and the successful launch of a Bandcamp subscription service, the DDD gang can be proud of their innovative work and their shining light that persistently beams over the entire genre. But their work isn’t done yet, ’tis the season of giving after all. For our final premiere of 2020 it’s with great pleasure to present a track from the label’s annual Christmas album, as always packed to the rafters with exclusive, larger than life remixes. And this isn’t just any remix, this is Cartridge‘s monumental ‘Show Dem‘ remix, originally by label heads, Truth. However that’s just one of the many treats stuffed into this years Deep Dark & Dangerous Christmas stocking!

A generous fifteen tracks feature in this years collection, bringing the ever growing DDD family to the forefront, demonstrating the depth of talent and the far reaching community that’s been developed. As the contents are slowly uncovered until a full release via Spotify and the Deep Dark & Dangerous subscription service on the 23rd, I’m not going to give too much away, but what you can expect is a lot of heat from many familiar DDD favourites.
Plenty of Truth material gets the remix treatment from the likes of Brassic, the mighty Absrakt Sonance, Hypho who absolutely tears up ‘Earthlings‘ and of course Cartridge, with his absolute shut down take on ‘Show Dem‘, today’s premiere. If you haven’t got your screw face on once that filthy false drop dishes the subs, then please get someone to check your pulse! Beyond the Cartridge swagger, we’ve got ColtCuts and Taiko both doing the dirty on Ternion Sound’s ‘Funky Shit‘, Dalek One enjoys multiple appearances with Biome and Wraz putting their unique spin on a couple of his tracks and then Dalek One himself jumps on the buttons, remixing ColtCuts‘ ‘Thank The Lord‘ to a level that leaves you gasping for air amongst an additional torrent of aggressive bass and nasty wubs. I’ll leave you with anticipation for the rest, but it’s City1‘s remix of one of my favourite ColtCuts tracks this year that steals the show for me, taking it into another exhilarating dimension and thoroughly doing the original justice. Let’s just say, like much of this uplifting Christmas gift, it’s a ‘100 Percent‘ certified banger.

DDDXMAS20 is available 23/12/2020 on Spotify and via the Deep Dark & Dangerous subscription service.

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