Tuned Up With Soukah

‘Tuned Up With…’ is a new mini interview series where we discover certain producers’ favourite tunes to either play or simply listen to via ten straight to the point questions!


From one talented German producer last week with Darkraqqen to another this week with Soukah. Not much needs to be said here, I’ve expressed my fondness for his music and new release on Rarefied Records on this weeks Weekly Buzz. A masterful piece of art full of imagery and innovative sound design that for me, keeps my passion burning for this genre of music.

To celebrate the release of Rare7 this week, I threw some quick fire questions his way to find out more about his tastes and current selections…




1. Current favourite tune to open a set with?

Riko Dan & MumdanceHungry (TEC100) or CompaKalindi, depends on the mood.


2. One of your favourite recent productions by yourself?

Hopefully it will see the light of day sometime.


3. And one from the past?

SoukahForgotten In The Car




4. Three tracks you can’t avoid dropping into your sets right now?

IpmanSensory Deprivation (ARTKL008) / DroneArctic / GantzSpry Sinister (MEDI078)


5. Deadliest dub in the bag?

One by Phossa and myself called ‘Through The Walls‘.


6. Most underrated tune past or present?

From the past: PerverseChampion Dub / CompaNoctule
From the present: The whole Primer release on Rarefied Records.



7. Last tune on Soundcloud you hit the like button on?

Lokal AffairGoumari (Alter Echo Remix)


8. Your pal is giving you a lift and hands you the aux cord, what’s the first tune you play? (Any genre.)

At the moment it would be Section BoyzMad Man Ting


9. One tune that inspired you to get started in the production of music.

Well, as I am not from the ”dubstep” background and more rooted in gothic, noise, alternative it would be a tune from Haus Arafna, Tom Waits, Iskald, Tactical Sekt or Dioxyde.


10. And finally, for good measure, name three producers that currently keep popping up on your radar.

Besides all the friends and all the underrated producers out there (sadly I can’t write everyone down, that would be too much) –
Phossa, Samba, Scarz.


Out to Soukah for taking on the ‘Tuned Up‘ questions and answering with a great mixed bag of tunes. Plenty to find out and listen to!

Rare7 is out Friday (6th April) available of vinyl here or digitally from the Rarefied Bandcamp.


Check out Soukah on Soundcloud.
Check out Rarefied Records on Soundcloud.