The Weekly Buzz – 01/01/2018

Gantz kicks off 2018 returning to Deep Medi for the labels 99th release with an EP consisting of four tracks stacked with vocal features. The A-side sees the haunting vocals of Elif Dikec over an equally haunting Gantz beat entitled ‘Fugazi’, a piece that’s been about for near 2 years and rightfully getting it’s release. The EP continues with my personal favourite ‘Shivy’ featuring the duo D£DW8 returning after a successful 2017. Two more tracks on the B-side completes this fire plate with the title track ‘Dying On Acid’ and  ‘Sharkeyes’ featuring Rider Shafique, a wicked second collab between the two after the masterful ‘Rockstar’ featuring on ‘Witch Blues’, Gantz‘ album from 2015 (Medi085).

‘Dying On Acid’ EP is out now and available from the Deep Medi store.

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