The Weekly Buzz – 13/11/2017

Without sounding overly preachy, around the last twelve months I really do believe that Crucial Recordings have become the finest label in the game. Label founder and boss man Sleeper has created everything you’d hope for in a dubstep label. From bringing new talent to the table in the likes of Samba and Moonstones to working with some of the best in the game in the likes of Mesck and Thelem. Much of the material really keeps the old school essence of dubstep in its brooding darkness but still perfectly showcases what dubstep is in 2017; breaking boundaries and pushing the sound down a multitude of different routes. Even the aesthetics are second to none as the multi talented Mesck is regularly used for his artistic abilities, pairing the visuals seamlessly with the sonancy.

For the labels fourteenth release and this weeks Weekly Buzz, Crucial Recordings have done it again by sourcing much of the talent that’s featured on the label in the past, forming a Crucial Recordings dream team to create this beauty of an EP. ‘Crucial EP Volume One’ features collaborations between Saule and Moonstones, Samba and Oxossi and heaters from Mesck with the incredibly rough and punchy ‘Johnny, Are You A Ghost’ and Sleeper, the head honcho himself with ‘Holy Guacamole’. ‘Crucial EP Volume One’ is the most complete, well rounded Crucial project to date and titled as ‘Volume One’, I already can’t wait to see what’s next.

CRUCIAL014 is available digitally now from the Crucial Recordings Bandcamp.
The vinyl drops on November 17th and available for pre order from Unearthed Sounds.

Check out Crucial Recordings on Twitter and Soundcloud.