WZ – Leleah (STRCTVA001) [HNYBSS Premiere]

‘The Overseas’ compilation is the first of it’s kind to land on Strictly 140, where the UK label has looked to reach out across the globe, snapping up tracks from international producers and showcase their original, forward-facing sounds. From the dark and minimal, to the heavier experimental, the album demonstrates the ever growing range of production styles within the world of 140 right now. Today we have the pleasure of premiering WZ‘s contribution ‘Leleah‘ which focuses on the authentic, minimal side of dubstep.

Dalek One gets proceedings underway with the rough and tough sounds of ‘Eratic‘. Percussion lead with a mean distorted bass-line, it’s the usual high octane burner we’ve come to expect from the Denver producer and a solid way to kick off the record! I’m beginning to think it’s impossible from Ourman to knock out anything less than a stunning production. The Frenchman conjures up yet another striking melody lead track with ‘Nani’, one of my picks of the record. A little more melancholic than his previous cuts, the plucks are sombre and the low end is mean. Following Subtle Minds‘ successful attempt at flipping the vibe for a moment with the smooth and jazzy ‘Alpha Romeo‘, Honey & Bass favourite Pharma comes through with ‘333‘, taking us back into the deep, dark depths of 140. Yet another eerie, minimal creation from the Austrian producer and another haunting visit through Pharma‘s ever expanding, gloomy dungeons.
The first of three collaborations on the album comes from Danish duo RDG & Gaze Ill, colliding once more for the wonky neck-breaker that is ‘Maniac‘.
For today’s premiere, upcoming Czech producer ‘WZ‘ unleashes ‘Leleah‘, further demonstrating his ability to produce authentic system testing music, following his recent debut on FKOF. Featuring some slick, catchy synth work and percs so crisp, you can feel each hit. Another H&B favourite Soukah enters the frame with some of the coldest, most atmospheric moments on the album, before super active duo Roklem & Sebalo bring some unusual sound design on ‘Ambitions’. Still harnessing their future-lead sounds that won’t sound out of place come 2049. Kodama has certainly become a producer that can easily be recognised through his uplifting sound, as demonstrated on his track ‘Doomed‘. Contrary to the name, the keys are light and wistful whilst the Barcelona based producer pulls off yet another dynamic creation. Italian heavyweight Breez shares ‘Tengu‘, rich in reverberating wobbles and huge percussive hits and finally, Ramsez teams up with the upcoming Hashkey, finishing the compilation with my pick of the album, the ferocious ‘Guilty‘.

The art of putting together a compilation like this is wholly underrated. It can’t be easy to sign and put together a track list where virtually every track is fire, but here we have Ghaastly and the Strictly 140 crew pulling it off on their first attempt!

STRCTVA001 is out 07/03/2020.

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