11th Hour – Xaghra [HNYBSS Premiere]

As one of the many Belgian bass-weight wizards to have come to prominence over the last couple of years, 11th Hour has certainly not held back in 2020. With records on FatKidOnFire, Bassin Records and multiple self-released projects, he adds to the collection with another hefty EP, ‘Akhurian‘. Today I’ve got the concluding track on the release and one of the darkest, ‘Xaghra‘.

Not only does he lay down his usual dangerous sub-zero vibrations throughout the four tracks, 11th Hour reaches into other areas that we may not have heard from him before. Accents of the middle east arrive during the lively and atmospheric title track ‘Akhurian‘, as it does in ‘Descent‘; sharp whistles cut through the otherwise dominating lows like a knife through butter. One thing to pick up on throughout the EP is the clarity and creativity in 11th Hour‘s drums. Particularly the awesome fills in ‘Descent‘ and the rapid hi-hat energy and unique palette of ‘Reflections‘. Paired with super smooth and wavy bass-lines, at times, ‘Reflections‘ develops quite a strong, atmospheric DnB vibe that’s really quite striking. Though I can assure you, it’s still very much a 140 weapon. The closing track and today’s premiere ‘Xaghra’ is one of 11th Hour‘s darkest, most dangerous tracks in his repertoire. With the seriously dark, moody stomps of the low end doing the heavy lifting, the subtle vocal wails elevate the ambience and float across the midnight desert effortlessly.

If you’re only just discovering 11th Hour, you’ve chosen the right time to do so. He continues to bring along his favoured deep and dark bass-lines (some of the most powerful around), however the evolution continues with new elements appearing upon each release. Always a memorable listen.

Akhurian‘ EP is out now and available from 11th Hour’s Bandcamp.

Check out 11th Hour on Soundcloud.