Roklem & Sebalo – Overrun (FKxF007) [HNYBSS Premiere]

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve spun a Roklem & Sebalo record and put it straight into the ‘yeah this is the good shit’ category, and their latest project on FatKidOnFire is just that! The established German duo add yet another no-skips EP to their arsenal with FKxF007, a return to the leading label which features five deep space tunes including today’s premiere, ‘Overrun‘.

Like all good FatKidOnFire releases, FKvF007 offers plenty of diverse sounds and the opening track ‘Lunar Pattern‘ takes us warp speed as the EP’s melodic neon number. The juxtaposition of the moody bass notes against the hyper-colourful synth work creates a striking soundtrack, one that wouldn’t be out of place in iconic movies like Drive or Blade Runner 2049. Following the huge universe-expanding opener, ‘The Trip‘ brings us back to some proper LFO driven dubstep. Notably stripped back and weighty, the ominous sounds of deep space extra-terrestrials remain vivid beneath. Today’s premiere ‘Overrun‘ crushes the subs as the EP’s most volatile cut. It’s an attack on the senses by unknown life forms, finally showing their sinister grey-skinned identities through a barrage of thick throbbing sub bass, alongside the haunting alien-like chatters that never relent.
We hit the abyss on ‘Sneaky‘, the darkest of the five. Detuned bells and creepy arpeggios illustrate the unnerving atmosphere that we’ve been mercilessly dropped into, whilst the rumbles of deep driving sub bass rattles every bone harder than any low flying ufo. The final track ‘Elements‘, really demonstrates Roklem & Sebalo‘s ability to give everything they can, smashing every possible ‘element’ to create yet another powerful 140 gem. It has it all, from layered low end work to crashing percs, from the texture filled SFX and even subtle flute notes, it’s a truly climactic tune that keeps us in deep space territory whilst expressing the best of Roklem & Sebalo‘s otherworldly capabilities.

Like a pair of metaphysical aliens, Roklem & Sebalo continue to be the masters of dropping you into a sub-walled space craft and, through heavyweight bass frequencies and supernatural sound design, catapult you into the darkest corners of the intergalactic 140 universe. An alien abduction that I’m more than happy to be a part of!

FKxF007 is out 31/03/2023 and available to download from the FatKidOnFire Bandcamp.

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