Ensarr – Moon (BASSIN13) [HNYBSS Premiere]

We return this week with a short but intriguing project once again from the boys in Belgium. For their latest project, growing label Bassin Records welcomes back who you will previously know as Gullivr, but in a new form that goes by the name of Ensarr. His latest moniker’s debut, ‘Transit‘ EP, delivers three tempo-travelling tracks that expresses Ensarr‘s desire to reach right across the spectrum from 140 upwards. With two tracks topping out at 176bpm, I’ve of course gone for ‘Moon‘ for today’s premiere, the sole 140 heater!

Transitioning from Gullivr to Ensarr, the ethos remains the same – dark and minimal beats that’re clean, sharp and continues to make the dancefloor sway. ‘Moon’ certainly gets the feet tapping to it’s percussive focused groove. It’s all ears on the meticulous drum work for the most part, and an impressive progression into darker areas are captured by sinister sampling that steps into industrial zones. From dubstep to hints of grime, Ensarr truly represents the art of dark and minimal 140 on this one! Coming in at 172 and 176bpm respectively, the following ‘Transit’ and ‘Sunrise‘ are somewhat out of my usual scope, but here Ensarr recaptures that dark percussive feel, this time in the form of skank inducing breaks. Both certainly keep the heads nodding but it’s the thumping jungle power of the EP’s title track ‘Transit‘, that has explicit rewind-ability.

Belgium continues to harbour some of the most impressive dark electronic music creatives within it’s borders, with labels like Bassin Records consistently giving emerging producers like Ensarr the support they deserve as they rapidly expand their horizons.

Transit‘ EP is out 20/04/2023 and available to download from the Bassin Records Bandcamp.

Check out Ensarr on Soundcloud.
Check out Bassin Records on Soundcloud and Instgram.