Premiere: Major Oak – Hmm (OSD001)

In a competitive field of end of year compilations and last minute releases from prominent labels over this final month of 2019, growing UK imprint Off-Switch Audio put out something a little different with their first compilation release, ‘Synaesthesia‘ (OSD001). Not only has the label put together eight brand new tracks from eight talented producers across the 140 spectrum, a lot of thought has been put into the accompanying artwork. Each track is thoughtfully paired with an original piece courtesy of talented digital artist Ori, with each creation available as a limited poster from the Off-Switch Audio Bandcamp. Today we have the pleasure of premiering ‘Hmm‘. A raw, deep contribution by Nottingham dubstep crew Major Oak.

Before Major Oak‘s deep, sound-system focused cut, the record begins with Sam ULG‘s ‘6evil6‘. A close affiliate to the label having made multiple appearances in the past, the UK producer signals the record’s bridging of sounds with hints of grime running through the track, featuring plenty of therapeutic melodies including a range of opulent synths and sharp flute leads. From there, rising talent Nuboid returns to Off-Switch, sharing his latest grime laced track ‘In My Castle‘ with a number of vibrant yet melancholic melodies and smooth wavy bass-lines.
Honey & Bass favourite Zygos briefly steps away his usual dark, hypnotic sounds with ‘In Tears‘. A lot brighter than his usual work, the track leads with intricate radiant synth work and warm sub-bass pressure, culminating in his most uplifting track to date. With Off-Switch not wanting to be constrained by certain sounds or vibe, Imajika switches the tone with ‘Are You Worried‘. A refreshing atmospheric blend of techno and dubstep that leaves you energised. Germany’s Barom appears to follow suit, only to dive in a little deeper with his dynamic melody lead roller ‘E-E‘.

Following today’s premiere where the lads from Major Oak bring the most recognisably raw, deep 140 track on the record, Ghidorah comes through with one of my personal favourites, ‘hate u‘. Down-beat and gloomy to it’s core, ‘hate u’ is one of the more unique tracks on the record with it’s lo-fi soundscape infused with subtle crackles and patters of rain. The smooth 808’s and consistent hat rolls bring the hip-hop/trap influences, a fresh element to ‘Synaesthesia‘. Going into it’s final stage, who better to sign off such a creative release than one of the most creative banger manufacturers in the game, Koma? On ‘Limoges’, Koma throws a curve ball with perfectly placed off-beat patterns, stripped back and expansive, lifted by ethereal notes throughout. A reminder that no matter where he appears and what route he takes, Koma is yet to disappoint. And neither does this record.

‘Off​-​Switch Audio Presents: Synaesthesia’ is out now and available via the Off-Switch Audio Bandcamp.

Check out Major Oak on Soundcloud.
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