Datra – Two Worlds (BSSKRT003) [HNYBSS Premiere]

It was only as the cold dark nights of October were drawing in when Basskruit, the latest project by Pieter Grauwels of DUPLOC and Hebbe, launched with BBSKRT001 and already they find themselves in contention as one of the best new labels of 2020 ahead of a third release next week. Featuring on BSSKRT003, Brussels based Datra steps up with his breakthrough project, returning to the label after a hefty remix of Cubiqle‘s ‘Duna’ last month. ‘Honton‘ EP is a four track collection of diverse, bass driven material from the talented Belgian, full of charisma and ingenuity, including today’s premiere, the turbid darkness of ‘Two Worlds‘.

Datra instils his versatile, multifaceted style into every grain of every track on BSSKRT003 but still establishes a consistent, unified sound that feels inherently personal to himself. From the convoluted leading flutes and the looping lo-fi vocal chants of the opening ‘Honton‘, these elements fall effortlessly in some way into today’s premiere, ‘Two Worlds‘. However where ‘Honton’ is about setting the dance floor alight, ‘Two Worlds‘ is all about that sub-zero depth and soul-stirring atmospheres. ‘Buddow‘ is the refreshing fizzy lemonade of BSSKRT003, lead by brilliantly energetic, unintelligible vocal cuts and booming kicks. Lively trap-esque percs and further bright, creative sampling adds a vibrancy not heard elsewhere on the EP, especially as we edge closer to the darker, brooding finale, ‘Cure Them‘. Datra dives back into the deep end for ‘Cure Them‘, one for those cold and sombre winter nights. Moody snake-charmer flutes buzz softly over murky low end passages like the flight of a bee, busily carving out a path almost at random, until it grows into a more curious synth line. Amidst the underlying gloom of the track, classic mid range sweeps cause some ruckus, cutting through the thick, foggy ambience, sealing the box of freshness that is ‘Honton‘ EP.

Honton’ EP represents Datra‘s official arrival to the collections of many I’m sure, his most complete project to date that displays heaps diversity and ability. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this on Basskruit either, across just three releases, we’ve already been introduced to a host of rising Belgian and Dutch producers, as intended. So if you want to hear more of that, then you better keep your ears out for Basskruit in 2021!

BSSKRT003 is out on 14/12/2020 and available digitally and on vinyl here.

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