Nima & Budos – SoulJah (PROGRAMM:001) [HNYBSS Premiere]

The bustling roads of South London, a famous melting pot for underground bass music over recent decades. Labels have come and gone, producers and DJs have written their names into history as pioneers of numerous genres that have grown to reach all corners of the globe. Whilst popularity of certain scenes and genres have fluctuated and declined, with local clubs falling victim to unforgiving rate hikes and austerity measures, there is always someone willing to carry the torch for fresh, forward-thinking, future-seeking bass music under any circumstances. And the latest to do so is fresh out the box imprint, PROGRAMM. The fledgling label have begun their quest with an invigorating and versatile EP, featuring three of London’s hidden talents, plus a bonus collaboration by label runners Nima & Budos which I have the honour of presenting today.

After a swift change of alias, label co-founder Nima fires up the engine with the hybrid sounds of ‘Killaz’. A hair-raising banger to instantly fall in love with, ‘Killaz‘ provides vibrant percussive lead crashes with a uniquely breaky pattern. Accents of grime emerge from the synth work, alongside curious de-tuned notes. The bass heads needn’t be disappointed however as the throbbing low end incisions frequently shake the subs until the bass weight baton is passed on to fellow Londoner D3U5E. With ‘Maintain‘, D3U5E produces a masterful demonstration in genre fusion laced in South London flavour. An energetic, dance floor moving combo of skippy 2-step percs and fluid bass-lines, with the atmospheres of a moody dubstep track. Heading into Falter‘s contribution ‘Null‘, the tempo increases into the realms of DnB, sitting at about 165bpm. Effective in it’s minimalism, the deep rolling bass-line and two-step drums are lifted by subtle swells and texturising pads.
Just when you think your maiden PROGRAMM voyage has come to an end, like the notorious hadron collider, the EP’s bonus track ‘SoulJah‘ crashes through in a high speed dubstep and grime collision. Nima teams up with fellow label runner Budos for this explosive conclusion to the EP. A fiery of mixture rough, oscillating metallic synths and skull crushing kicks before diving into a dizzying, chest rattling bass-line. A dynamite finish to a dynamite release.

Setting out with the aim to provide sound system worthy, dance floor shaking bass music by emerging producers from across the spectrum, I’d say this is a mighty success. Whilst I’m always open to new imprints dialled in on specific sounds with a specific identity, PROGRAMM:001 is a refreshing genre-free experience with a lasting effect. The sounds of South London continue to flourish!

PROGRAMM:001 is out now and available to download from PROGRAMM’s Bandcamp.

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