Ninety – Moon Sand (DUBRAW007) [HNYBSS Premiere]

For our latest premiere, I’m stoked to present a track by one of the genre’s most exciting newcomers, Ninety! Moving from the underrated gem ‘Ambi‘ EP on UNITED, to a feature on DUPLOC Selects with the huge ‘Snake’s Kiss‘, Ninety has surged in the latter part of 2020 and continues to do so with this latest effort. Like his release on UNITED, ‘Shaker‘ EP comes as another all Russian affair with Ninety landing on DUB.RAW, one of a few Russian bass music labels doing their bit to grow the sound across the country. The fledgling producer has already set the bar so high for himself, forging a sound that’s so beautifully dark and magical that we expect nothing less than a creation of twisted brilliance. But not only does he produce that signature darkness on ‘Shaker‘ EP, Ninety also offers a window into his understanding and love for the roots of Dubstep, particularly on today’s premiere, ‘Moon Sand‘.

Starting with ‘Moon Sand‘, Ninety opens with thick low end tremors amongst the chirp of the nocturnal, hypnotic and all encompassing, like the whole thing has been glazed with a warm syrup. Organic, analogue textures form across the bass tones and distant percs, evoking memories of a classic Mala track or more recently, something from Karma. Things get particularly juicy upon the influx of classic wubs and wobbles, moving through uncharted dimensions of otherworldly synths and clean elysian strings. But what becomes a theme during this release, is Ninety‘s ability to increase the intensity into second drop, switching the dynamics with intensified throbs, lines of distortion and the harps, growing ever more vibrant and melodic. This one is a refreshing take on an old school wobbler! For the following ‘Knife Dance‘, Ninety switches it up by blessing the dance floor with some dangerously sharp, chest-piercing bass-lines. It’s deliciously minimal, with just the stabs of anguished shrieks echoing through the sub-zero pressure until, once again, the energy levels soar in the skank inducing latter sections.
As the name suggests, the EP’s title track bursts with low frequency tremors. Earthquake tempting and utterly relentless, ‘Shaker‘ is desperate to do the damage on a big rig and I’m desperate to feel it! And finally, ‘Ghasty‘ ties things up. Old school flavoured but inherently progressive, ‘Ghasty‘ focuses on a consistently rough and catchy train-like melody, rattling through the underworld in unstoppable fashion. Like all other cuts on this release, the second drop bombards with high, bass-driven intensity, contorted and utterly filthy – these tracks must be heard in full!

With this, DUB.RAW‘s most impressive release to date, Ninety has proven once again why he’s considered one of the names to watch going forward. Though we can say he’s produced a deluge of unexpected bangers this year, it’s easy to forget that this young producer is only just getting started.

DUBRAW007 is out 28/12/2020 and available to download from the DUB.RAW Bandcamp.

Check out Ninety on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out DUB.RAW on Soundcloud.