Panix – Chaos (DMW017) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Even with 2019 drawing to a close, my attention is still being drawn to handfuls of new producers and labels with fresh music on a weekly basis and I could not be more grateful for it! Today’s premiere personifies my unending discoveries as London producers Panix and Ranking Dan conclude the year with a three track collaborative EP, ‘The Third Conclusion‘ on their very own imprint DMWSOUND. Today we have the pleasure of premiering Panix‘s solo effort ‘Chaos‘ and as the title suggests, the track moves into more hectic, deeper and darker areas than it’s counterparts.

Although I have been aware of Panix and Ranking Dan for some time, I haven’t been wholly exposed to their classic sounds. ‘The Third Conclusion‘ EP allows the pair to express themselves entirely as their raw production styles rip through the system with absolute clarity. Panix and Ranking Dan‘s collaborative opening track ‘Old Boys’ articulates the pair’s evident old school approach. It’s crisp foley drums and tough melodic bass-line are the only elements necessary for the most part to pass off a full bodied, classic dubstep tune. There’s no added ‘modern twist’, just pure golden age, DMZ style material brought back into 2019. Panix‘s solo track and today’s premiere ‘Chaos’ dives a little deeper into deep rolling bass-lines with added extra-terrestrial licks and samples that enjoy plenty of delay, creating the space and energy required. Ranking Dan‘s track ‘Voodoo’ draws the EP to a close with further rough and tough bass-lines, rough mid range stabs, vintage wubs and clean percs to boot, harbouring an echoing industrial atmosphere.

Third Conclusion‘ EP isn’t a record that simply draws influence from the old school, it is an EP brought directly from the old school and the pair do it decisively throughout the three tracks. The boys clearly wish to conserve this side of dubstep that is unfortunately few and far between as the sub genres continue to grow. With that said, I’m looking forward to what both producers and label can come up with over the coming months as the pair continue to fly the flag for raw golden era dubstep throughout 2020, alongside DMWSOUND and beyond!

DMW017 is out this Thursday (19th December) and is available from Juno Download.

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