Pharma – Boa Del [HNYBSS Premiere]

Pharma has become quite the bastion for self-released EPs as of late. Following two stunning projects over the last few months with ‘Selekta‘ EP and ‘Sudo‘ EP, the Austrian producer makes it a trilogy this week with ‘Pondi‘. Like it’s two predecessors, Pharma curates a four track project that illustrates the haunted, shadowy caverns he continues to construct. Today I have the pleasure of presenting the entrance to Pharma‘s latest haunted dwelling, ‘Boa Del‘.

Boa Del‘ welcomes it’s latest visitor by opening with immersive, reverbed chords for instant shiver activation. The initial encounter is strikingly minimal with Pharma’s ever so powerful 808 kicks and some wicked pots and pans building the drum fills. But as we delve deeper into these spectral spaces, it’s residents become more vocal upon the addition of eerie phonic drones and more bold, up-beat mutters in the foreground that escalate the rhythm. The title track ‘Pondi‘ puts the minimal low end to one side and dives straight into intensified sub-zero frequencies whilst enjoying some more razor sharp drums. The stunning eastern plucks operate as a guide towards rougher corners for the second drop, where we’re met with another cavern native. It communicates in cryptic underworld dialect, the voice creepily down pitched and screwed.
It becomes evident that we’re in more volatile areas now with the temperature increasing upon the sounds of ‘Para Dôxe‘. The atmosphere becomes fuzzy and distorted as it’s inhabiting spirits look to cause brain fog. Pharma indulges in rapid, constantly mutating kick patterns whilst coordinating with his characteristically creepy tones. However leading into the militant finale, Tactile‘ reveals an uglier beast that relishes the underworld. It’s voice becomes more coherent amongst the chaotic yet beautiful drum work, the ominous drones and fragments of a melodic tone trying to breakthrough. A satisfying climax to yet another supernatural Pharma experience.

Whilst Pharma has created himself an undeniably unique and creative sound that runs through this series of self-released titles, the material still remains so fresh and repeatedly hair raising. However I’m sure there’s plenty of Pharma‘s spine-chilling caverns yet to be explored.

Pondi‘ EP is out this Friday (5th June) and available from Pharma’s Bandcamp.

Check out Pharma on Soundcloud.