Premiere: Fill Spectre – Africana (SMD035)

Our latest premiere comes courtesy of Fill Spectre with a super refreshing track taken from his new EP on Silent Motion Records! A parting gift as the Canadian leaves behind this well established alias, ‘Africana’ EP will be the soundtrack to the remainder of your summer. Particularly the uplifting title track we have the pleasure of premiering today.

Make no mistake, ‘Africana‘ is a straight up dance floor masterpiece. A track that will energise the crowd and even yourself listening at home. The focus on percussion and the uplifting African tribal chants liven things up instantly on this four track EP with its addictive rhythm and vibrancy. It’s a track made to open up any record or mix. Hell, I don’t see why it wouldn’t deserve a spot on the Lion King soundtrack, it certainly wouldn’t seem out of place!
Fire Dance‘ strays away slightly from the liveliness of the opening track as Fill Spectre designs this moody sound system shaker, more fitting with the contemporary deeper dubstep sounds; bass driven, unorthodox patterns and spacious. He does however, bring the focus on percussion from ‘Africana’ into this one with clear attention to detail. Vivid and mixed down to perfection, such is the entirety of the record. The following track ‘Giganta Bunda‘ heads back to the dance-floor thanks to its stomping rhythm and energetic vocal loops. Again it’s the percussion shines through the palette, developing throughout the track where Fill Spectre adds extra elements, none more so that those bright open hats, energising the already vitalised production. ‘Jukebox Scat‘ concludes the record in rampant fashion. Although it presents yet another dynamic bass-line full of movement, it certainly doesn’t take away from the powerful 8-bit arrangement as Fill Spectre waves off the alias in a colourful and distinctive tone.

Over the years Fill Spectre has given us an abundance of forward thinking, innovative material and leaves us with this perfect example of such. ‘Africana’ EP is vibrant, detailed and original. Quite frankly it’s hard to pin down a genre as I’m sure has always been his goal, so long as it’s bass driven and unique. Well, mission accomplished.

SMD035 is out August 1st and available to pre-order from the Silent Motion Bandcamp.

Check out Fill Spectre on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Silent Motion Records on Soundcloud.