The Weekly Buzz – 02/04/2018

After acting as the maiden voyage for Rarefied Records in 2016, Soukah returns to the label for RARE7, bringing three heavyweight tracks with him. Soukah has risen from the deep dark underground over the last couple of years with haunting cuts on labels like Unified Audio crafting distinct eerie sounds out of Germany.

As Rarefied has carved a clear experimental sounds over previous six releases where some of the music might be hard to transfer into a club setting, this EP’s leading track ‘Windowlicka‘ is what you’d call a ‘Rarefied banger’ that would fit perfectly for the dancefloor, not necessarily what you’d expect from Soukah as is expressed on the flip. ‘Windowlicka‘ is an intense trip with incredible flow thanks to the mind bending melodic percussion and fierce rumbles on the low end that’s very satisfying to nod ones head to. With an inspired inclusion of Salad Fingers, ‘Rost‘ is a triple threat cinematic banger with fellow Rarefied boys T.A.R and Primer and with it’s thick murky atmosphere, is exactly what Soukah does well only amplified by the talents of the other two like minded producers. For the vinyl crew, the meticulous sound design continues with a VIP of Soukah‘s 2015 track on Subass Records ‘Strange Reflections’. Featuring on the B-side as very welcome bonus, the VIP is unmistakeable with it’s eerie ‘My Favourite Things‘ vocal cut opening the track that eventually dives into a deep stomper laced with spooky unearthed samples that for me, throws you into an echoing drenched and darkened forest.
Like the rest of the superb Rarefied releases, Rare7 is a beautifully authentic piece of sound system art full of imagery that genuinely hits me ‘right in the feels’.

Rare7 is out this Friday (6th April) and is available on vinyl here or digitally from the Rarefied Records Bandcamp.

Check out Soukah on Soundcloud.
Check out Rarefied Records on Soundcloud.