The Weekly Buzz – 11/05/2020

The unwavering excellence that is FatKidOnFire continue their relentless activity this week, staying on track towards that big 50th release landmark. For FKOFd044, the label welcomes back Belgian producer 11th Hour who last featured on the imprint all the way back in 2013 with FKOFd002. Since then he’s continued to progress, especially over the last twelve months with releases on SmallPrint Recordings, Uprise Audio and most recently a vinyl exclusive on growing label Bassin Records. I had the pleasure of premiering one of the tracks from BASSINV001 a couple of weeks back. FK0Fd044 features four fresh 11th Hour tracks, characteristically innovative with a healthy amount of variety, particularly in its low end designs.

Gorilla Glue’ opens as one of the most airy, atmospheric tracks with large sweeps and reverbed melodies. Whilst the bass-line is minimal, the heavy kicks certainly contributes the weight. However things take a turn on the following ‘Stryker‘ where 11th Hour gets a little darker and a little more aggressive; unleashing rampant bass-line distortions, mean horn stabs and increasingly slick percs. One of the more unique tracks of the four, ‘Murda‘ focuses on an incredible, system battering low end; an unrelenting flutter of ground shaking sub bass. 11th Hour rightly keeps all other elements to a minimum, leaving the low end to breathe like the living, breathing creature it appears to be. ‘Plasmator’ concludes the EP, a classically dark number occupied by crunchy textures, more subtle, melodic creativity and energetic sub bass movements.

Track after track, release after release, it’s becoming more apparent that 11th Hour is the embodiment of ‘coming of age’. With nearly a decade of material to his name, improvement and creative maturity is evident. And for that, 11th Hour is reaping the rewards with features on respected labels such as FKOF and long may it continue.

FKOFd044 is out this Friday (15th May) and available to download from the FatKidOnFire Bandcamp.

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