The Weekly Buzz – 13/01/2019

Amongst all the new names and fresh talent coming through at a constant rate, it’s always refreshing to see the true veterans of the genre staying active and still making moves. Belgium’s BunZer0 has been strong in the game essentially from the very inception of dubstep. A true pioneer, he brought the sound to Belgian ears as early as 2006 and from there, brought the who’s who of ‘golden age’ dubstep to Belgian shores. For well over a decade now BunZer0 has continued to grow the sound through his relentless DJing schedule, particularly on his leading Sub Fm show, ‘FOB‘. His production abilities have also continued to grow, featuring on labels such as Mindstep Music and most recently DUPLOC. His latest release this week sees him debut on Indigo Movement, an imprint who similarly have successfully pushed the sounds of 140 in their own way for many years.

‘We Are Not Looking For Accuracy’ EP is a short but hefty two tracker that’s made to shake the ground from beneath your feet. ‘Inbreeding‘ focuses on a mighty throbbing low end that rapidly moves in waves throughout a cold expansive soundscape. The rapid fire rhythm is carried by sharp, energetic percussion that for me, really makes the track ‘pop’ as it battles through with a tribal feel. The variation between the two tracks is striking as BunZer0 demonstrates his desire to evolve. From the deep dark intensity of ‘Inbreeding’, ‘Accuracy‘ sees BunZer0 head towards a more experimental, melody lead sound with sharp, vibrant synth work, the main lead manic and impulsive. The low end frequencies eventually move from it’s initial jarring, dizzying patterns into a more consistent bouncy bass-line, but still the wacky and intriguing synth lead persists.

On IM044, BunZer0 shows he’s still got the midas touch when it comes to any areas of bass driven 140 music. His productions stand next to some of the best and toughest you’ll hear this year and is yet another must cop release courtesy of the criminally underrated Indigo Movement.

IM044 is out now and available to download here.

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Check out Indigo Movement on Soundcloud.