The Weekly Buzz – 13/04/2020

The last couple of years has seen New Zealand mastermind Headland become synonymous with solid, raw and authentic dubstep. ‘Proper dubstep’ if you will. And that has reflected on his growing catalogue, featuring on Innamind, Zam Zam and even Alix Perez‘s latest EP ‘Ravana’ on 1985 Music. This week he returns to the mighty SYSTEM Music following last year’s highly revered ‘Tasty Witch‘ EP. For SYSTM031, Headland brings two of his long awaited cuts to 10″ wax, a continuation of his flawless discography.

For it’s A-Side, ‘Garbo’ lands into the hands of it’s admirers for the first time, after taking a battering on systems across the globe. Like many of his productions, it’s certainly in the conversation for future classic, instantly recognisable for it’s groovy low end riff at the front and centre throughout. Like many records to come out on SYSTEM, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a call for the wheel every time it’s spun. On the flip, we have ‘Grits‘, a track that could’ve made it onto last week’s ‘Bee’ Side feature, no doubt. Sticking with the stripped back essence of his productions, Headland‘s ever genius drum work is even more apparent on this one. It’s subtle and by no means over baring, but every hit and shake is so crisp and vivid. If it wasn’t for yet another groovy bass-line and other programmed quirks, you’d think Headland was soloing on the drums live in your room.

SYSTM031 is out now and available on vinyl and digitally from the SYSTEM Music Bandcamp.

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