The Weekly Buzz – 15/07/2019

After dropping a handful of impressive free downloads over the last couple of years including a range of remixes and original bass driven material, the grind finally pays of for Chapman this week as he debuts on the legendary Chestplate. ‘Colossus‘ EP features four tough tracks that are cohesive in sound yet travel through a range of interesting structures that’re full bodied and forward thinking in its entirety.
Beginning with the chimeful sub bass intensive opening title track, the massive ‘Ghost Storries‘ follows where the LA based producer enters the realm of space and bass. Eventual injections of brassy synths fill the gaps between the powerful mid range incisions that at times remind me of some of Distance‘s work. By the midway point, ‘Colossus‘ EP certainly feels like a Chestplate record; crunchy textures, dynamic range and robust sub bass pressure, Chapman stacks up against the best of the Chestplate catalogue. He further proves his range on the concluding two tracks. ‘Scriptures‘ delves into murkier territories featuring the catchiest melody on the record, setting up the EP’s climax and my personal favourite ‘Lkip‘. Chapman really goes for an 808 workout on this one whilst increasing the power through hits of guitar distortions throughout the duration. Again, reminiscent of some of my favourite Distance/Chestplate releases of recent years.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to be surprised to see Chapman debut on such a renowned label, however he clearly proves his worth and takes the opportunity by the horns. Although there’s clear Chestplate/Distance influences throughout, he avoids the trap of creating a knock off and expresses his own sound comprehensively and demonstrates his ear for detail. Not only is this a big look for Chapman himself but one for label head Distance who’s openly looking for and showing confidence in the freshest talent about to expand the Chestplate roster and as mentioned earlier, Chapman comfortably lines up with the best of them.

CHS047 is out this Friday (19th July) and available on vinyl here or digitally here.

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