The Weekly Buzz – 16/03/2020

It’s become somewhat common place to see regular, high demand, high quality releases come from the Infernal Sounds camp. Across their five year history, the label has gradually built up to a point where they’re regularly able to welcome some of the genre’s finest. From the likes of Sepia, DPRTNDRP and Bukkha, the last few months have been killer for the Manchester based label. For their latest in a busy schedule, with the next instalment already announced, the imprint welcomes back Irish prodigy Darkimh for another expert dubstep demonstration following the mental ‘Chain Smoker‘ EP a couple of years ago (IFS009).

Whilst Darkimh has steadily developed a unique, contemporary style over recent years, he strips things back on the leading track ‘Tell Me Nothin”’ where he welcomes Manchester’s finest MC, T-man to wax lyrical over a raw, stripped back cut that clears the way for a stinking, screw face inducing bass-line. My personal favourite ‘Gin Swing‘ allows Darkimh to enter into areas that we’ve come to expect from the producer following that more classic opening track. Supported by thick 808’s, the leading hook is both catchy and aggressive, leaving the odd sample and chopped vocals to add more character and attitude. IFS019 concludes with ‘Boneclicks‘, a spaced-out grimy production that leaves no stone unturned in Darkimh‘s wide-ranging arsenal.

Contrary to Darkimh‘s talent and abilities, his release schedule has been pretty light, although his activity has clearly remained in the shadows as last year’s ‘Unreleased Collection‘ showreel can attest to. So it speaks volumes of the influence and trust that Infernal Sounds has developed over time, to be able to put out three of Darkimh‘s finest bangers and garner the attention they so greatly deserve.

IFS019 is out now and available on vinyl from the Infernal Sounds Bandcamp.

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