The Weekly Buzz – 16/09/2019

Belgian badman Zygos has been putting out heat for a minute now, with each new plate expected to be red hot. In just three years he’s racked up a catalogue that includes releases on Encrypted Audio, Rarefied, TRUSIK, Cue Line Records, Overdue and I could keep going. He has relentlessly developed his sound to the point that his music now has more in common with the industrial techno areas of bass music than just pure dubstep which, of course, is both welcome and refreshing. This week he demonstrates his matured sound on the notorious Bristol label Foundation Audio with ‘Rotation’ EP, his second release on the imprint following ‘Erf’ EP (FAV006) two years ago.

The A-side banger ‘Rotation‘ spins into action, quickly forming a hypnotic roller focused on a free flowing throbbing bass-line, backed by super clean percussion which you’ll find becomes a regular theme across the three tracks. Stabs of nostalgic modular synths propels the track into a darkened sweaty club, particularly when ‘Rotation’ intensifies with added shakes, rattles and subtle yet frenetic pads. On the flip, Zygos takes things into more familiar territory. ‘Sick As A Dog‘ makes a statement, bringing out dynamic 808’s, tuned and distorted, matched with trap inspired drums and faint ghostly synths that add to a cold, ‘dogged’ atmosphere. However, Zygos still manages to pull off the hypnotic undulating vibe, his many forms clashing to perfection on one track. The record finishes with ‘Tumble Dub‘, the more intensified track on the plate. Zygos ups the anti on the industrial techno side, adding plenty of metallic textures to the palette alongside more of those clean crisp drums which stands up to the expected relentlessness of the looped low end pressure.

All in all, Zygos strikes up the perfect balance across this triple threat EP, submitting two tracks that epitomises the growth of his sound, broken up by ‘Sick As A Dog‘, a more recognisable track in its design. Like much of Zygo‘s work and Foundation Audio‘s catalogue, FAV013 presents current underground bass music in all its diversity and at its best.

FAV013 is out now and available on vinyl and digitally from the Foundation Audio Bandcamp.

Check out Zygos on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Foundation Audio on Soundcloud.