The Weekly Buzz – 19/02/2019

Following a solid maiden release that featured three talented upcomers, UK label Off-Switch Audio introduces another talent to its fledgling roster for its second release in the form of Repulsion, producing heavyweight beats out of Oklahoma, USA. For OSA002, Repulsion has created four tracks that are made to test the sound system. All very bass driven with effective distortions and deep dark sound designs.

OSA002 opens up with two straight up 140 heaters, ‘Risky Shit‘ and ‘Grand Prix‘. Contrary to the name, ‘Risky Shit‘ is fairly restrained on the face of it, although Repulsion nails that powerful flowy bassline and the subtle drum work that slaps. In contrast, ‘Grand Prix‘ ups the anti, increasing the ferocity and weight.
The flip side is where things get particularly interesting as Repulsion switches things up with ‘Damn Them‘, featuring an intense meditative 4×4 beat, built with deep kicks and a mid range that switches up the energy perfectly every now and again. However it’s not long before Repulsion cleverly injects some lighter synths and harmonic vocals, adding a different kind of vibe to the track and what’s most likely my favourite part of OSA002. Concluding the vinyl is ‘2D Girlfriend‘ which sees┬áRepulsion really show off his arsenal and bridging the genres. Amongst a killer break beat, Repulsion keeps things weird and murky with warped vocal samples looping throughout.

If you’ve got yourself the digital download of OSA002, you’ll find yourself with the digi bonus track ‘Dirty Rainbow‘. The title does well to describe the track’s dynamism. Repulsion builds another wild 4×4 beat alongside glitchy vocal cuts and a variety of dynamic filters that fill out the track. Probably the most energetic production on the release.

On a personal level, this is my introduction to both producer and label (the first release unfortunately passed me by). But what a first impression this release has made where it’s clear both Repulsion and Off-Switch Audio are all about experimentation and not abiding by any rules. And for the foreseeable future, the switch is firmly ‘on’.

OSA002 is out this Friday (22nd February) available on white label vinyl here.

Check out Repulsion on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Off-Switch Audio on Soundcloud and Twitter.