The Weekly Buzz – 19/11/2018

With a week that sees releases from TMSV on White Peach and DUPLOC’s new compilation album (DUPLOC Selects), it might come as a surprise to see neither feature on The Weekly Buzz. As great as those two releases are, ‘Mumbai’ by UK producer ZHA happens to be one of my favourite tunes of the year and happens to be out now! Featuring on his exclusive imprint NAAN, ZHA finally unleashes this banger that has been doing some damage for some time.

What first seems to be a rather deep humble cut and after a lengthy tension filled breakdown, ‘Mumbai’ explodes into life with absolute energy thanks to huge distorted 808’s and a hollering vocal sample that has been chopped and pitched so much, it takes its place as a brash frantic lead that’ll leave an impression during any set. It’s a straight up in your face hype tune that for me is done to perfection. On the flip, ‘The Tale Of She‘ is also a spicy little track. Not quite as impactful as the A-side however, its a lot more mellow and definitely a deep moody roller that cleanses the soul after such a barn stormer. For me, this is ZHA‘s best release to date for sure.

NAAN003 is out now and available both digitally and on 10″ vinyl from ZHA’s Bandcamp.

Check out ZHA on Soundcloud and Twitter.