The Weekly Buzz – 21/10/2019

One of the anchor points of the music covered here on Honey & Bass is the quality of the many record labels involved and more specifically, their tendency to sign music that carefully curates a distinctive sound specific to its own identity. Labels who do this so well for example are Crucial Recordings, Rarefied and Encrypted Audio. However there’s always an exception. Not only does White Peach Records successfully take on board the highest quality material but does so across the spectrum. It’s one of the few broad churches that moves record to record with no boundaries in genre nor ‘vibe’. This year alone White Peach has seen the likes of Mr.K, Koma and Glume & Phossa displaying their own unique take on authentic dubstep, Sir Hiss contributed his grimey sounds for WPR039 and recently Kryo unveiled his chaotic EP ‘Bottles‘ (WPR042), blending elements of dubstep/trap/grime, almost ‘bottling’ the broad sound of White Peach in four mental tracks.
The latest to land on the label MOREOFUS takes a similar route this week, returning to the label for the first time since 2017 (WPR024) and he himself captures a sound perfect for the wide spectrum that White Peach welcomes. He produces without any restrictions and takes various elements of grime and trap with a dash of dubstep to form ‘Games‘ EP.

The title track ‘Games‘ foreshadows the premise of EP by following an obvious line of aggression. The palpable energy is fronted by a distinctive on-going vocal sample and it’s belligerence felt in the many distorted components, especially on the knockout switch when a fresh, distorted melody drops in. The frenzy carries over into ‘Runnin‘, it’s attitude still prominent but more on the side of grime within its structure. MOREOFUS returns to more familiar territory on the following track ‘Thieves‘, focusing on deep sub-zero frequencies. Like the majority of the EP, it’s the subtle details and cutting edge sampling that sets it apart; plenty of intriguing elements and dynamism, but not taking away from the bass-line nor the fierce flute lead. The finale comes in the form of ‘Do You Know‘, the most melodic track on the EP. Again the vocal cuts and other intricate details give it that sparkle and personality but it’s those huge horns in the latter stages that marks the memory and gives an overwhelming climatic feel to the record.

For the second time MOREOFUS has created the perfect potion suited for White Peach Records; a concoction of deep sub-bass from dubstep, hectic skippy beats from grime, lively diverse sampling and crisp percussion found in trap music, plus a dose of anarchic energy. It’s an addictive, potent mixture where the effects are long lasting, so be warned and don’t miss out!

WPR044 is out now and available on vinyl and digital from the White Peach Records Bandcamp.

Check out MOREOFUS on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out White Peach Records on Soundcloud and Twitter.