The Weekly Buzz – 23/03/2020

Big apple based producer ALXZNDR has pretty much been a staple of mine over the last couple of years, particularly for his stupidly good remixes and bootlegs of popular tunes. From tearing up popular grime tracks, to classic dubstep and hip-hop burners, he’s managed to nail it each and every time and consequently, has found support from the likes of Mala, Sir Hiss and Zha. So it comes as an absolute treat this week to see a debut vinyl EP from the super talented producer, courtesy of Scrub A Dub, featuring six tracks of ‘golden’ 140 material.

From the dazzling title track ‘Golden Gate‘ to the darker ‘Lei Shen‘, ALXZNDR demonstrates his now widely praised grime/dubstep collisions, creating emotive melodies and deep, energetic low end movements suited for any bass night dance-floor. He continues with more refreshing, texture abundant compositions through ‘A100′, ‘Johari Bazaar‘ and ‘M C W’, before finishing with long time dub ‘Red Raider‘. A stunning jazz infused piece, involving some of the smoothest melodic moments you’ll hear all year. A truly beautiful piece of music that anyone could and should appreciate.

It’s been a long time coming but it comes as no surprise to see ALXZNDR’s debut vinyl deliver some of the most refreshing material to be heard throughout this year. SCRUB022 is a perfect manifestation of ALXZNDR‘s sound and a clear demonstration of why more and more label’s should take notice, because ‘Red Raider‘ in particular took far too long! And for that, Scrub A Dub deserves the upmost respect for taking it on, alongside the other five beautiful cuts.

SCRUB022 is out this Friday (27th March) and available on vinyl and to download from ALXZNDR’s Bandcamp.

Check out ALXZNDR on Soundcloud.
Check out Scrub A Dub on Soundcloud and Twitter.