The Weekly Buzz – 23/04/2017

Up coming Bristol based producer Glume recently caught my attention after a couple of collaborative efforts with Phossa popped up on my Soundcloud feed that managed to blow my mind. Since then, Glume has paired up with Slovenian dubstep mastermind FLO and landed a release on Albion Collective, a label that doesn’t sign just any old tune but a label that up until now, only releases once a year. ‘Thug EP’ is the labels fourth release following 2017’s ‘Rainbow Dub‘ EP from Digid featuring Dubbing Sun and Egoless. Glume‘s ‘Thug‘ takes a different turn, away from the stomping dub-wise styles of the previous release and into a grime influenced, 808 heavy banger. Over the steady trap styled percussion lays an inspired oriental string melody that sets off the tune for a real dancefloor riddim.
FLO joins Glume on the flip with ‘Skateland’, a tune that’s destined to shake the foundations across the globe thanks to a stomping rhythmic low end designed to break necks that bounces and flows throughout with the occasional wobble and taunting bassline.
To round off the EP on a darker note, in demand producer/DJ Sepia joins the party with a menacing remix of ‘Skateland’, morphing the track into a more vicious piece of sub bass driven music thanks to a gritty fluctuating low end with added texture, more so into the latter part of the track where it really picks up the pace for a strong finish.

‘Thug EP’ takes us through various influences of grime, trap and dub however still has that bottom line of a very honest and pure dubstep release.

‘Thug’ EP is out this Friday (27th April) and available on vinyl here.

Check out Glume on Soundcloud.
Check out Albion Collective on Soundcloud and Twitter.