The Weekly Buzz – 25/03/2019

This week (and not for the first time), Bristol based label Locus Sound introduces my ears to a new talented producer. This time, Austrian producer Sedan enters the Locus Sound catalogue with ‘Tread‘, a four track EP filled with darkness and mystery. A perfect fit for the imprint.

Sedan makes his first impression with ‘Anita‘. Somewhat reminiscent of Samba‘s classic ‘Malignant‘, he perfectly utilises trippy leads and unusual patterns that skip over a murky low end. The opening track forshadows what’s to come, sinking into the gloomy underworld.
A track that’s made for the sound system and the stomper of the EP ‘Miese‘ ramps up the bass weight pressure. With a strong emphasis on the percussion, the kicks are heavy and the dynamic snare hits hard. The bouncy dance floor friendly beat rolls on, alongside injections of synth, rich in texture. For the latter half of the EP, Sedan focuses once again on the eccentric and in some respects, sombre sampling and sound design. He executes the minimal, yet powerful approach on the percussion, particularly on the final track ‘Tread‘ which paves the way for the chest rattling throbs of the lows and otherworldly samples that sweep in and out, completing the foggy alien-like landscape painted throughout the EP.

Like many of Locus Sound‘s previous instalments, ‘Tread EP‘ is a succinct project with a clear vision from yet another exciting up-comer. It’s already the case for me, but if the label continues to build its catalogue in such fashion, it’ll become a must watch, must cop imprint for the foreseeable future. As for Sedan, what a way to make a first impression! He expresses his style and intentions with absolute clarity; curating a solid sound palette, yet keeping it fresh through out, with each track unique in their own respect.

LOCUS009 is out Thursday (28th March) and will be available from Juno Download.

Check out Sedan on Soundcloud.
Check out Locus Sound on Soundcloud.