The Weekly Buzz – 26/02/2019

Following a busy 2018 landing releases on the likes of Cue Line Records and two brilliant EPs on Rarefied (RARE9 and a collab with Sibla on RARE10), Zygos opts for a simple self-released two track EP to open his 2019, entitled ‘Tomos‘. We’re treated to a fresh track from the Belgium based producer and a very welcome VIP of last years trap infused stomper, ‘SFG‘.

Brand new production ‘Tomos‘ is another weighty cut from Zygos. Initially built with a throbbing low end, the track develops into pounding kicks as the dread filled tension created within the mid range grows with menace.
With the original loaded with trap drums and brooding harmonies, ‘SFG VIP‘ comes in similar sound system bruising fashion. However this time Zygos livens things up by accentuating the 808’s with distortion, as with the manic vocal samples and the memorable melody is chopped and rearranged, freshening up the track and increasing the energy all round. However the VIP still comes through with the moody character of the original.

I’m always a big fan of producers putting out these little self released EP’s. Whether they’re two trackers or four, it’s an effective way to put music out there to showcase sounds, show activity and more importantly put out tunes that may, for some unknown reason, not have been picked up on. Zygos has used this opportunity perfectly to show his intentions for this year with the sounds of ‘Tomos‘ and keeping one of his masterful tracks fresh with the energy infusing tweaks made to ‘SFG‘.

Tomos EP is out this Friday (1st March) and available to download on Zygos’ Bandcamp.

Check out Zygos on Soundcloud and Twitter.