The Weekly Buzz – 27/05/2019

Following months of teases, a handful of mouth watering dubs and clips, Scarz finally lands a debut EP on Cue Line Records, a label growing in stature over the last year. On ‘Saucer Dub‘ EP, Scarz refines his craft and dials down the curiously gloomy bass driven sound he’s demonstrated through his rare productions.

Upon hitting the play button, the premise behind the EP’s leading track is instantly unveiled through the sound of a UFO whizzing across the galaxy. Not before long, the flying saucer gives way to stomping bass weight pressure that sounds as big as the galaxy itself. With trippy oscillations in the bass-line it almost quivers under the sheer weight. Throughout the following track ‘Percussa‘, Scarz nails the crisp, organic foley-esque drums that take centre stage on this one as well as the subtle synth work, but you still can’t ignore that system testing bass weight throbbing deeply and persistently. The rising producer displays that natural yet huge percussive sound once more through ‘Nintendub‘ and ‘Wind Up Dub‘. Where Scarz opts for a stomping dub-wise-like rhythm on ‘Nintendub’, he demonstrates a more minimal dubby arrangement on ‘Wind Up Dub‘ with that huge snare matching the funky, unpredictable low end.
The EP concludes with RDG‘s take on ‘Saucer Dub‘. The Cue Line resident reworks the already mammoth piece into a dance floor destroyer, ramping up that intense bouncy bass line and adding sweeps of sci-fi pads and samples.

Saucer Dub‘ EP is quite the debut from Scarz, one that sounds like he’s up there with the veterans of the genre. It comes as no surprise however having bared witness to some of his huge productions, most of which are still under lock and key. He’s cleverly taken his time on this one and curated a sound that’s complete and flows nicely. I’m sure many labels would have been stoked to pick up tunes of such quality however Cue Line Records were just quick and clever enough to snap it up themselves and introduce Scarz‘s killer sound to the masses, plus adding to their own impressively growing catalogue.

CLNR023 is out Friday (31st May) and available to download here.

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