The Weekly Buzz – 28/05/2018

It’s absolutely undeniable the talent that’s coming out of Denver USA right now and this week Khonsu takes centre stage, debuting on FatKidOnFire (FKOFd033). This digital EP and second solo release from Khonsu features four tracks across a lengthy twenty minutes including a killer remix from DubDiggerz.

The first two tracks ‘Puzzled‘ and ‘Recognize‘ are both heavy sub bass driven tracks perfect for a dark atmospheric dance floor. However ‘Ghetto‘ is my go to tune on this one, still in keeping with the EPs darkness, it’s filled with heavy 808’s, wicked vocal samples and a hip hop twist creating plenty of personality that really stands out from the rest. The Slovenian dubstep masterminds DubDiggerz‘ remix of ‘Puzzled’ rounds off the EP leaving a lasting impression. Here we have a solid EP from someone so early in the game, I expect to hear a lot more from Khonsu.

FKOFd033 is out Wednesday (30th May) from Juno Download.

Check out Khonsu on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out FatKidOnFire on Soundcloud and Twitter.